Meat and Sausages according to traditional recipes

Beisser Gebrüder GmbH produces handmade sausages and meat products using recipes that are decades old in some cases. The Beisser scalded sausage (Brühwurst) specialities, such as Hamburg Knackwurst, Vienna sausage and small grilled Bratwurst, are widely known and popular. National and international specialities complement the range.

Our range includes:

Scalded Sausages (Brühwurst) specialities

such as Bologna, beer sausages, beer ham, chasseur sausages, ham sausages, polish sausages, meatloaf, beef and pork loaf, pork sausages, assorted sliced liver pâté with mushrooms or peppers.

Scalded sausage (Brühwurst) specialities


Scalded Sausages

such as Hamburg Knackwurst, Vienna sausages, small grilled bratwurst, polish ham sausages, smoked farmers' sausages, coarse or fine farmers’ bratwurst, homemade bratwurst, small coarse grilled sausages, grilled sausages with herbs, veal bratwurst, Munich-style white sausages, beef bratwurst.

Scalded sausages


Cooked Sausages

such as calf’s liver sausages, onion liver sausages, tongue sausage, black pudding, brawn, farmers' black pudding, coarse or fine farmers' liver sausage, liver pâté, black pudding.

Cooked sausage


Cooked cured products

such as bone-in or boneless smoked pork loin, bone-in or boneless smoked pork neck, smoked duck breast, smoked lean bacon (whole or sliced), cooked ham, cooked shoulder of ham, beef ham, spare ribs, smoked sliced pork loin, smoked pork knuckle, pork belly, grilled knuckle.

Cooked cured products


Various kinds of fresh sausages and cured ham also available.